Frequently Asked Questions

What are Nevada Rolling Shutters made of?

Nevada Rolling Shutters are made out of rollformed aluminum with a polyurethane insulation.

Are Nevada Rolling Shutters energy efficient?

Yes! Nevada Rolling Shutters can lower energy bills throughout the year by improving the insulation to key areas where energy is transmitted. Nevada Rolling Shutters physically block outside elements and prevents energy from escaping from the inside.

Can Nevada Rolling Shutter prevent my home from being a target of theft and vandalism?

Yes. Nevada Rolling Shutters are engineered to prevent forced entry, theft, and vandalism

What is the difference between a rolling shutter and a solar screen?

Rolling shutters from Nevada Rolling Shutter provide physical sturdiness for security, insulation for protection from extremes of heat and cold, and room darkening abilities for privacy. They provide a substantial savings over solar screens and provide security.

I’m building a new home. When should I call Nevada Rolling Shutter?

Right away! When designing a new home, it is never too early to make the minor modifications necessary to build rolling shutters into the construction plans.

Can my homeowner’s association prevent me from installing rolling shutters?

Senate Bill 100, passed in 2004, bars homeowner associations from prohibiting residents from having rolling shutters for insulation and security reasons.